The many faces of Billy West as Freddie MercuryBilly West has had 30 years experience singing in rock bands and showbands. Comments about his uncanny resemblance to Freddie Mercury gave him the opportunity to develop a unique talent.

Starting out as a solo tribute artist was seen by many as a gamble, but was one that Billy was willing to take. This gamble paid off and 20 years later with nearly 3500 performances to his credit Billy has built up a reputation and following as the best Freddie Mercury in the business.

His voice is extremely powerful and crystal clear. Billy prides himself on being the only artist to sing the songs in copy key.

Billy has performed at many venues throughout the UK and Europe, these include, coporate entertainments, college venues, open air events, hotels, nightclubs, clubs and themed nights in pubs.

Wherever possible Billy also supports charitable events throughout the year more recently to support Capability Scotland, Cancer Research, Tsunami Relief and Hospital Charities.

With an incredible voice and natural flamboyance, Billy produces a fantastic performance that he has presented worldwide in theatres, hotels, night clubs, holiday camps, corporate events, festivals etc.